Ankush Pare

Comparison with Others

Comparison Our Speech Coaching Speech Therapist/Doctor Other coaches
Result Guarantee
Upto 95% in 21 Days with less effort
No result Guarantee, only hopes & follow up appointments
Guarantee with lot of hidden conditions & no specific duration
Finding speech root causes
We provide detailed root cause list & easy to follow customized solutions
Think like stammering is a disease, disability
believe in only hours of practice & lot of effort to solve it
Easy to follow, natural speech techniques for all situations which boost confidence
Bookish knowledge about technique, no personal experience
Weird, unnatural airflow, prolongation, bouncing techniques which seems awkward
Speech Practice duration
Simple & quick 2min speech practices for real life & maximum 30min home practice for few days
Focus more on unnecessary hours of reading practices, tongue & mouth exercises at home
Claim as more you practice, the faster result will get. Minimum 1hr to 6hr/day practice
From day 1 focus on proper implementation in real life
Focus on only technique, not on outside implementation
Focus on only technique, very less exposure to real life implementation
4 level of support

1. Dedicated accountability coach in training
2. TeamAP Practice Support in training
3. Customer support 
4. After training lifetime group support
5. After training FREE revision sessions
Support sessions are paid. You need to pay per support session
Don’t have a proper support system. It’s a transactional relationship. Mostly text/WhatsApp support after training.
Performance tracking
We have a proven performance tracking system from day 1 using tools. Report will share on weekly basis on whatsapp
No such activity
No such activity on priority basis.
25+ active team members, all were our ex clients & ex-stammerers
One man army
One man army or team has no clue about stammering solutions
Learning session FULL recording provided for revision
Not possible
no such service available or You need to pay for it
Refund Policy
3 Days “no question asked” 100% money back guarantee
No refund policy
Refund policy with lot of hidden conditions & deduct some money while refund
1. Private fb group for practice for lifetime 2. Private Whatsapp group for daily discussion for lifetime 3. Private telegram group for connect with old batch members for lifetime
No practice or discussion group
practice & discussion group are active for limited period time
  1. Premium Video course access
  2. Session recording access
  3. Certificate of completion 
  4. Weekly fb live session with Ankush Pare
  5. Special Gift after training completion
No bonuses
No bonuses / depends on their intention
Level of Commitment

We are committed for best result, we follow below strategy  :

  1. Learning session with Ankush Pare
  2. Practice session with TeamAP
  3. Result tracking by accountability coach
  4. Doubt solving session with Ankush Pare
  5. Proactive customer support for training satisfaction
  6. 24*7 whatsapp chat support in group
No such activity
Follow only learning session, ask client for self practice without daily feedback & tracking
Extra sessions
Our teamAP takes extra session on weekends for motivation & revisions
No such activity
Follow fixed schedule, no such effort
Past record
We have track record of average 90% - 95% batch result
Pay per session/appointment, no follow ups
Social media reviews claimed as high promises but poor result