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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of training do you offer ?
  • We have unique 4 solutions as per the stammering problem
  • Level 1: 2 Hr LIVE Webinar (Identify Real Problem Behind Stammering)
  • Level 2: 2 Days LIVE Stammering Workshop on Weekend (Learn All Practical Solutions)
  • Level 3: 21 Days LIVE Stammering Reset Challenge/Training (Get Result Superfast) 
  • Level 4: 90 Days to 180 Days LIVE Speech Fluency Mentorship (Fluency Forever)
  • Start your fluency journey with Level 1 “2 Hr LIVE workshop”, Get full clarity about stammering & join next level as per your requirement
  • Level 2, 3 & 4 are only applicable to you if you join level 1
Short summary about 21 days Stammering Training?
  • Its an online 21 days intensive training through zoom meeting app with limited participants, where we claim upto 95% fluency result(as per past record). We use hindi + english(as per client’s requirement) language for learning & discussion. We have 25+ team members involved during this training process for learning session, practice session, Performance tracking, task completion process
Is there any guarantee about the result after 21 days training?
  • Yes of course, we claim to get upto 95% result in 21 days & we have a strong past record to support it. We provide you guarantee of best result based on below conditions
  1. You should join daily learning session time 8AM-9.30AM IST. We can change time to 7.30AM IST depend on batch requirement (If not possible need to watch session recording)
  2. You should join daily practice session 9PM IST onwards (you can stay or leave meeting after speech feedback)
  3. Attend daily calls from your accountability coach & show him/her your improvement using speech technique
  4. Complete all daily speech task as per instructor’s guidance 
  5. Follow speech technique in real life without having any doubt about result
  6. In summary, if you put your 100% effort, we put our 1000% for expected result
What if i don’t get expected result after 21 days training, will i get refund ?
  • Yes, Within a first 3 days If you don’t experience any speech improvement then we have no question asked 100% money back guarantee.refund policy is valid from the day your training start till first 3 days of training. You can ask for refund simply by doing whatsapp message or email as “ I want refund” on our official details before 11PM(Midnight) on day 3.
  • After day 3 you are not eligible for any refund
  • Before initiating refund we check your first 3 days performance based on below points 


  • 1. You must join first 3 days of learning session 
  • 2. You must join first 3 days of practice session
  • 3. You must complete all speech task given in first 3 days 
  • 4. You must attend all accountability calls in first 3 days 
How to join online 21 days stammering training?
  • Our 21 days stammering reset challenge/training is exclusively only for limited people. You need to join our LIVE webinar to get an entry with one time special offer. We filter out people based on our eligibility criteria
  1. Your age must be 18+ 
  2. You should understand basic hindi or english
  3. Ready to invest your daily time for learning, practice & task completion
  4. You should have dedicated mobile/laptop with internet facility & manage quite place for learning
  5. Trust our coaching for result
Timing for 21 days training / daily session ?
  • We (Team of 25+) work from monday to saturday 
  • Daily learning session(Knowledge) 8AM – 9.30AM IST (it may change to 7.30AM depend on batch requirement) –  we also provide full session recording
  1. Daily practice session(Implementation) – 9PM – 10PM IST (You can stay or leave after your speech feedback)
  2. Daily accountability coach call to check progress- Time depend on mutual understanding
  3. Other time can be your home practices & task completion 


  • Please note – You should join training with the intention to complete 21 days stammering reset challenge. If you are unable to follow timing please connect with support team on Email – or WhatsApp – for other effective options 
I am working professional, your 21 days training timing is not possible for me
  • We have solution for it 
  • We will arrange a separate practice session for you as per team availability
  • You can watch daily session recording in fast forward mode (it takes only 30min max)
  • Your accountability coach will help to keep on track so you will not miss anything
  • 30% of our client are working professional & we helped them to overcome using same above strategy
  • For more help, email – or WhatsApp – & our team will guide you further
Who will be the instructor for training ?
  • Mr. Ankush Pare(Speech solution expert & stammering coach, helped thousand of people to overcome) will conduct daily morning learning session 
  • TeamAP (people who overcame own stammering using our training) will conduct daily night practice session 
  • Accountability coach (People who became speech expert after our training) will be accountable for your daily progress
  • Assistant stammering coach will be checking your daily speech task & give proper feedback
  • Customer support team will be checking your happiness & track performance 
I want to join personal training not batch training
  • Personal training is strictly limited to few people per year & it is depend on time slot availability of Mr. Ankush Pare
  • You need to join live webinar where you will get idea about personal training process
I don't want to join training right now, but in future
  • We strongly recommend you to attend our LIVE webinar to understand the joining process. 
  • You can book your seat in advance up to 3 upcoming batches & we allow limited entry per batch 
  • Seat availability is depend on our batch capacity which depend on how much we can manage without compromising result
I already attended other speech training/speech therapy, how is your training different ?
  • We are not a speech therapist, we are people who overcame stammering & helping people using same technique
  • Our techniques are natural & easy to follow in any situation( you can watch client result section)
  • We have 25+ team member & over a half decade of experience for best result
  • We provide result guarantee*, money back guarantee* & satisfaction guarantee*
  • We strongly suggest attending our LIVE webinar for an amazing learning experience & compare differences.
Investment for training and payment options like EMI & international transfer?
  • We accept all currencies & we helped clients from 20+ countries to overcome stammering.
  • EMI option is available with credit card 
  • Investment of training details are only available for people who join LIVE webinar with one time special offer

Result & Support

How will you track our speech improvement in 21 days of online training?
  • We designed a unique performance tracking system to calculate daily improvement. It is a combination of online tools, team & instructor 

Ex. Imagine it’s your day 1 with us, you attended a learning session & complete speech task of making live video on a private fb group(video is only visible to group members). 

Tracking #1 : Our speech solution expert will provide feedback & suggestions on your live video based on today’s learning 

Tracking #2 : You received a call/message from an accountability coach for quick speech practice online with him/her. You received feedback & improvement like a personal coach 

Tracking #3 : you joined practice session & repeat same practice in front of teamAP(people who overcame stammering & also our ex client) you received feedback & suggestion with their personal experience

Tracking #4 : Our customer happiness team will collect all 3 above feedback, discuss it with instructor & mark the attendance for all 4 things (learning, task, accountability & practice)


Same strategy will work for next 21 days & we use online tools for smooth experience


All team members & instructors have access to your performance report & we will share your performance at the end of every week.

Which course will provide me with the best speech result ?
  • We provide 4 level as per speech problem 

2 Hr LIVE Webinar – Best choice for understanding real stammering problem & Ankush Pare’s 3 secrets to overcome stammering superfast

2 Days LIVE Weekend Workshop – Best choice for learning proven solutions, identifying root causes, simple speech practices & interactive Q/A session with Ankush Pare

21 Days LIVE Training –  Best choice for guaranteed upto 95% result with less time & effort. Our team will hand hold you, push you & bring fluent speaker in you. It will save your time, energy, sacrifices & speech failures. It’s a signature program by Ankush Pare

90 to 180 Days Mentorship – Best choice for personal level guidance from Ankush Pare after training for fluency forever. 

Is there any support after course/training?
  • Yes we provide genuine support(not like just to say) after course. 

After workshop – 1 LIVE support session for revision of full 2 days workshop & Q/A Session with Ankush Pare

After training – dedicated customer support, whatsapp group support, free revision sessions for lifetime, 2 LIVE support session with Ankush Pare 

What if I want personal support & guidance from Ankush Pare ?
  • We have a 6 month mentorship program after completion of 21 days training.
Is there any free support from your side without joining training/course ?
  • Yes we conduct weekly live session on social media platform like instagram & youtube 

Ex. Monday Instagram Live : 9PM IST ( free speech consultation call with Ankush Pare)

Friday YouTube Live : 8PM IST (Guest speaker, Star Performers, Q/A Session)


We also have free android App – “speak fluently Ankush Pare”& free whatsapp speech community for free speech tips 

Whatsapp us for links 


I want a 1-1 appointment with Mr. Ankush Pare, how to book ?
  • All our appointments are online only, we don’t have service for offline appointment
  • You need to request first in advance to book appointment on whatsapp :
  • Team will confirm date & time over a call
What kind of speech problem do you solve?
  • We help people to solve stammering/stuttering, speech blockages, speech anxiety, situational stammering, lack of word clarity, speed talking, fear of speaking in public, misarticulation, word repetition, fumbling, etc
I want to join your team?
  • We appreciate your intention & we have a program to join with us
  • It is only for people who completed our 21 days training & now want to help other people to overcome speech issues. 
  • In case you are looking for a job or provide paid services – you can connect with us 
My question is not mentioned in this section ?