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Yes, I am going to answer your most asked question on my social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, through youtube comments, on calls, in the zoom meeting, and yes the list is endless but the question remains the same, “Ankush what is the best thing we can do to overcome stammering?” and I always wanted to say many things. Still, it is impossible to convey your message to everyone through any platform. Here I get confirmed about my book“हकलाहट से प्रभावी वक्ता बनने का रहस्य📚” (Hakalahat Se Prabhavi Waqta Banane Ka Rahasya) This book is a guide that will help you to overcome your stammering issue for sure. This is the best thing you can do to overcome stammering. Now in short we will discuss some more points regarding our topic.

First of all, you should know your root cause and then about the right strategies, practice, exercises, and how to implement these all things in real life. We already had a massive discussion over these same topics and now here are some basic but very effective things. (Everything else I had mentioned in my book)

We can categorize our daily routine in four ways,

  • When you wake up
  • When you do implementation outside
  • Talk over call
  • Preparations Before

Many times when people go to bed they think about the next day’s plan but when they get up in the morning they are unable to co-op with it and that too because of their lack of planning. If you plan to do yoga/exercise/gym the next day then your bag should be ready on the previous night. Because when we wake up and find that there is nothing to do related to your plan we simply follow the same we did yesterday. If this is your scenario with speaking-related exercise then how will you achieve your goal in your life?

So the answer to the above is WRITING A DIARY and following it. After writing a diary, fixing the proper time and doing proper preparations, go to the bed, close your eyes and imagine that you are waking up at your decided time, you get to freshen up, you are doing your exercise and practicing well and other things which you are willing to do. By doing this you will experience exactly the same is happening in real life and you will get closer to your goal.

(for better understanding and exercise-related guidance please refer to our book हकलाहट से प्रभावी वक्ता बनने का रहस्य📚” (Hakalahat Se Prabhavi Waqta Banane Ka Rahasya) and especially Chapter 3 )

When You Wake Up

After waking up and getting freshen up go for your next most important thing #exerciseforstamemring you may ask about what should we do for better results. We all know that our speaking is related to our breathing. You have to practice some breathing-related exercises like #Bellybreathing if you do not know how to do belly breathing then please refer to our free video course on stammering in this course you will also get the guidance for “E” & “O” practice. you have to do “E”& “O” practice for better pronunciation.

You can do reading for practice, we already have uploaded a video on YouTube regarding this topic this video will help you to understand the connection between reading and your speed of speaking. you can manage your speed of speaking with the help of this video.

Along with this, you have to practice #Singhasan this video will help you you have to check your foundation, how you open your mouth while speaking, do some clarity reading. If you do so then this will help you a lot with your stammering issue.

Outside Implementation

When you go out but you feel anxious, maybe sometimes you feel that you can not utter a single word, you can stuck on the words, may face blockages, etc. When you do practice at home you get confidence when you are outside but always remember one thing only practicing at home will not help you with your stammering you have to do the implementation as well and that too in outside words, outside your comfort zone.

Talk Over Call

You can talk over a phone call or can go live on Facebook or YouTube it will help you to boost your confidence. You can watch that video again and can find your exact problem. With the help of our book, you can find the root cause of your stammering and a better solution for it. To join our group for practice with other members please WhatsApp us (Click Link)


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Hope you found this writing helpful to take a step ahead to become an effective speaker.

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