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Have you ever thought about the speaking skills importance in a employee’s life.? First of all we will discuss about who is a employee and what are his roles in company’s / firm’s betterment. I think a person who is technically strong or able to work as per role is an employee, that might be a CEO of a company, a manager, an engineer, or may be a worker whoever he may be. Every employee is a brand ambassador of his company. Wherever he goes he represent the company & that’s why I call everyone Brand ambassador.

When you are working with a firm / company you have realized that your communication is at different level when you speak with your CEO / Manager or with any senior whereas you communicate differently with our co-worker & same way you communicate differently with workers.

Differentiate Between Personal & Professional Life

Have you ever wonder how some people focus on there work so efficiently.? How any one with whom you work looks so graceful & may be many times you have wonder about his personal & professional life. Isn’t it.? The key to a successful career is “you should differentiate between personal life & professional life” Do not allow your work stress to come home with you and ruin your personal life but the most important than this is do not allow your personal life to get mixed up with your professional life. They both go Hand In Hand but at the same time they are at different level.

If you mix them up then how can you give your 100% on wherever you are. Think about it, I know we are human being which get ruled by emotionally attachment whether it is with work or with personal life but you have to manage your personal & professional life to get 100% satisfaction from both.

Think Before You Speak

Many times we get disappoint with our colleagues or may be we get angry on workers & many times we do not think before speaking, but we have to maintain repo where we work. If you talk without thinking with your senior you may damage your image in front of them.

Keep smile on face whenever you are dealing with someone in office, say greetings which will refresh your mood & will maintain your repo in office.

Body Language

Your body language say more about you than you think, whatever your hand movements are express more than you think. The way you stand, seat, or the way you walk show your attitude towards company. whenever you are going towards anyone knock before entering, if someone is busy first of all ask for time & then go or call. Always remember your body language speaks louder than you think. Body language say a lot about your mannerism.

Always start your day with greetings. If you are attaining a meting with office employees focus on your body posture. If you are attaining your meeting with clients always focus on your language, words you use, toning of your voice, your body posture, the way you shake hands, the way you greet someone etc. These are really very little things but they impact much more on your first impression in front of anyone. Always remember one thing – when you are out side of the company premises you are a brand ambassador of company & you are impacting company image, rather you are creating company image in front of people outside.

Other Than Face To Face Communication

Not only face to face speaking called communication but your Email say more about your communication skill. Your chat & Email also mean communication skills. When you ping someone always start with greetings. If you are mailing someone in authority always keep your manager or senior person in CC. Birthdays are always special for everyone, do not miss to wish your seniors & colleagues on there birthdays. Whishing workers on there birthday is a great ideal, isn’t it. Your language must be professional yet easy to understand. If you are messaging someone always start with greetings. If you are on conference call but you are not speaking there, always mute your phone to avoid uncomfortable guest interruption.

You should join office before time, at least 5-10 minutes before the actual working time. As we have a pro verb “right time is always wrong time, before time is always right time”. If you go to office 5 min early then you can relax for 5 min. you can have a peaceful seep of coffee/tea, you can greet your colleges & senior & can discuss about that day’s program and the most important thing is you can start your work on time & can finish on time. This is the main reason in your betterment or may be foe promotion this will help you a lot.

Now a days each & every company have there own gaming or event schedule to reduce there employs’ work stress. If you are planning that event, then you must ask your senior for guidance although you are a great planner & organizer. This will show your respect about them & you will get more ideas & planning for the event.

If you are entering in the company premises & you are meeting with people while entering, you should greet them or at least start your day with smile. This will increase your bond & respect about colleges & seniors.

Work From Home

Now a days many people are working from home & here we are going to talk about the communication skills you require while you are working from home like you should mute your mic when you are attaining meeting & not speaking, always remember short cut (ex. zoom alt + m / ctrl + m) which will save your time.

You are working from home which means you are handling task from your comfort zone but do not let that comfort zone disturb you while you are working. Do not allow family member to interrupt you while working.

Bonus Tips

Sometimes sharing your thoughts / feeling with colleges can help to communicate better after all we all are human being.

If you are joining new company,

a. Reach at least 15 min before time.

b. Call respective person.

c. Ask him to introduce with team member.

d. Introduce yourself with smile.

e. Ask teammate or colleagues about important company links, rules to follow & ask like a friend.

f. & the most important if you are stuck with anything ask for suggestion.

Now a days we do not call sir / mam to our seniors but we call them by there first name, this is the culture now a days. Everyone is employee there with different responsibilities, don’t consider yourself as superior or inferior. You will not be there permanent.

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